A bunion can be a painful, bony bump that appears around the base of the big toe, normally on the inside of the foot. 1 in 4 adults suffer from bunions. This occurs when the bones and ligaments of the foot move out of alignment. The pain of a bunion comes from the bunion rubbing against the shoe or from the pressure put on the joint when walking, running or standing.

The main cause of bunion formation is badly fitted shoes or wearing high heels too much. Your genetic makeup is also to blame.

Bunions can be both painful and inconvenient. When the toe bone pushes out of the side of the foot, it can even be difficult to properly fit into shoes. The pressure and pain can become unbearable, making walking difficult and potentially leading to knee, hip, and even back problems.

Foot problems commonly lead to problems in other areas, such as the aforementioned back, knee, and hip. Foot problems can also lead to other foot problems, such as muscle, tendon, or nerve damage and possibly injuries to the bone. It is for the reasons discussed above that proper bunion care is important; without it, small discomforts can become chronic problems. If bunions coexist with other foot problems, all of the problems can compound and make one another worse.

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